What Leder Mission Do?

Our passion:
Working with young people. Encourage and equip them to be a testimony in their areas of life
and to develop their mission vision.
Prepare Christians for missions and send them out together with their local church.

In 2005 we started working together with Operation Mobilisation in Argentina, where we have many opportunities to put our passion into practice.

Our official tasks with OM are:
Markus: Team leader in Buneos Aires.
Vanesa: Personelmanager.

OM / Church:
We are active website designers for our Argentine church, where we lead one of the youth groups.
Furthermore, we are responsible for the sundayschool program, 20 sundayschool teachers, and special activities and outreaches.
In this way we have plenty of opportuneties to motivate our church to evangelise and work on their missions vision.

Through our children we often have the opportunity to invite the parents of their classmates to church activities, and show the love of Jesus Christ in our daily lives.

Missions preperation course:
Twice a year we organize a 5 day mission preparation course where we have the opportunity to prepare Christians through practical lessons and activities, to be better equipped for world missions.

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